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DFP [16 Jun 2004|06:09pm]

Anyone in the NY area going to DFP this Sat (6/19)
Anyone NOT going needs a ticket?
I’ve had people back out on me last minute and I have two available.

Main Stage: The Darkness, The Strokes, Cypress Hill, Brand New, Yeah Yeah Yeah's & a special guest performance by Beastie Boys.
Second Stage: New Found Glory, Story of the Year, Taking Back Sunday, Midtown and Vertigo Blue.

Please e’mail lyneday{at}optonline{dot}net if you are interested.
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Ticket for David Bowie....up for grabs!!! [24 Nov 2003|11:26am]

I have an extra ticket for the David Bowie show at Madison Square Garden on Monday December 15th (Macy Gray is the opening act)....

It's an $80 seat (about $90 with service fees), HOWEVER...since I got my tickets on ebay I got them for less than facevalue and will pass the savings on to you.

So if someone wants to come along, it would be only $50!!!

My friends already have their own tickets elsewhere, but I wanted to go to the show so I bought tickets and so I am definitely going too. But had to buy a pair of tickets and just hoped to find someone to take this extra one off my hands and enjoy the show too!!

Interested parties please respond here and I will answer questions.

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[24 Jul 2003|10:06pm]

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[28 Jun 2003|11:48pm]
does anyone know if they are atempting to have another field day next year?
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[18 Jun 2003|02:31pm]

does anybody know when we are supposed to get our money back??

it better be soon...
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[14 Jun 2003|07:33am]

[ mood | content ]

This was posted on Beck's Online Journal . . . thought you guys that hadn't seen it might be interested.

:::::: 06.09.03: accidents will happen ::::::
after being cancelled, relocated and rescheduled, we finally got word that field day was going ahead. the day before was perfect june weather. we walked thru central park and checked out the mathew barney exhibition. the day of the concert, it was pouring rain. the stadium loomed dark and grey in the down pour. we pulled up to the gates where half a dozen military stood with machine guns. we went thru 3 check points, searched and IDed. then we took a transport van thru another gate to the backstage.

after arriving we headed up to the stage to survey the scene. the stadium was half full, a small army of rain slickers scattered about. when blur went on we came back to watch their set. they were getting doused, but still throwing down, and the crowd was getting heavily into it. (I noticed damon was rocking a vocoder as well these days). walking off the stage, a large rather muscled out dude swung around and bodyslammed me in the ribs. it knocked the wind out of me, then I realized my ribs were all swollen. they had a medic check it out and he told me I had to go get an x-ray. unfortunately this was right before we were going on. it turned out to be a bad contusion. by the time I got back the beasties were on and we'd missed our slot. I was fairly guttered but still wanted to try to come out and attempt an acoustic song or two. there was much confusion and back and forth. ultimately it was not to be, even though there was a 40 minute break between bands. my apologies to all who came to see us (though with beasties, radiohead and elliot smith no one left empty handed). we were incredibly hyped up to play and have a cool set going at the moment. hopefully some of you made it up to saratoga the next night. I hate missing shows and never do, except for when we've run into hurricanes, blizzards, freak lightning and typhoons. otherwise we are there ready and willing to serve. thanks for your understanding and concern.

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[09 Jun 2003|10:39am]

did anyone go to the giants stadium field day? i had tickets to the 2-day festival, but did not buy tickets to the stadium one. i went to nyc instead. it poured all day saturday, howd that go? did anyone cancel because of the weather? one last thing, how was radiohead?

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[09 Jun 2003|12:54am]

Funny how Beck is the icon for this journal considering he didn't even end up playing. Blah on that.
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[08 Jun 2003|01:30am]

front row at field day=absolute insaneness
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[07 Jun 2003|12:22am]

to all going to field day

I will be wearing a twa flight bag
beige and red

if you see me

and hopefully no one has the same bag as me
(i dont think anyone will)

have fun!
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Place Blame [06 Jun 2003|09:26am]

This is the fault of Andrew Derskin and other horrible promoteres/organizers. As of a couple of weeks ago they have been more then ripping people off. As for radiohead, they are making swamp loads of money right now, their new album will make them mo' heavy in the bank, but they are basically inflexable when it comes for financel consideration for their fans.

BTW the 2 dollar show was over sold. I'm really upset with it.

Don't blame the repulicans, the probably have nothing to do with this. Even if they did, this is something the FDF organizers and promoters should have had worked out before they began to sell tickets.

Eitherway, now the show will just be easier to sneak into, their planning on haveing one stage in the parkiing lot, and one inside, the show is tomorrow and they still don't know exactly how it'll be organized. If you didn't by a ticket its all good, if you bought A ticket and want to bring some friends, go ahead, if you need a reason to visit New York City, use this. If anything this will be an exciting event to spice up.
No stupid shit though.

If you want to camp out there are plenty of parks in NYC, eitherway, if you paid for tickets, don't let them fuck you over even more. Get your money back.

Anderw Derskin is a fucking asshole.

Blackalicious is playing free in Prospect park next weekend.

Lets push things forward.
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what? [05 Jun 2003|08:47pm]


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I'm not here, this isn't happening [05 Jun 2003|04:05pm]

Well, I can't believe it. I'm willing to wager this was the result of a bunch of republican assholes doing their worst in country that seems to let too many assholes get away with this kind of thing, whether it's on the county or international level. You guys really gotta do something about them.

Next time let's have it in Canada, ok? Pot is decriminalized here now, for those that care ....

I will not be attending the "Field Day" Festival at Giants stadium. As much as I'd like to see Radiohead and Beck and the rest (is Sigur Ros not playing now? That's almost a comfort, knowing I won't be missing them ...) I really don't feel like getting myself down to New Jersey and nasty East Rutherford on Saturday from Montreal to hang around inside Giants Stadium. This is disaster, and I hope Suffolk county gets what's coming to 'em.

Small consolation were the funny-face games I got to play with Thom Yorke during the 45-min Musique Plus set on Monday, and the knowledge that I'll be seeing him and his buddies tonight on a big screen live feed, and then twice more in August.

But this blows.
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waste ticket refunds? [05 Jun 2003|03:11pm]

[ mood | angry ]

so are they actually going to refund full ticket prices? they'd have to be on crack if they think they can convert everyone to the new event and that everyone will be happy with that... i want all my money back.. all of it!

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[04 Jun 2003|04:36pm]

I'm so confused. Is the festival off completely....or moved to a shitty location????? ? ? ? ? ? Is that it ?
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Riverhead: No Concert in Calverton This Weekend [04 Jun 2003|01:57pm]

By Katie Thomas and Mitchell Freedman
Staff Writers

June 4, 2003, 12:54 PM EDT

The Riverhead Town Supervisor Robert Kozakiewicz announced this morning that a two-day rock concert scheduled for this weekend in Calverton would not happen.

"In the interest of the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Town of Riverhead and the public, I believe that the event should be cancelled," he said in a prepared statement.

Christopher Kent, a lawyer for the for the Field Day Festival promoters, said they are now seeking a new location in the New York City metropolitan area for the concert, which they will announce by the end of the day. He said refunds will be given to ticket-holders who request them.

Stating that at a new venue the concert, which was to feature headline acts such as the Beastie Boys, Radiohead, and Beck, would be a "different type of event," Kent said that the Meadowlands Sports Complex in New Jersey was one site under consideration. He added that there would be no camping at the concert's new location.

Yesterday, the concert promoters filed suit in Federal District Court in Islip seeking a restraining order and injunction to prevent the town of Riverhead from canceling the event. Kent said the suit will be changed to seek monetary damages now that the concert has been called off at the Calverton site. He said initial estimates put the costs upwards of $3 million.

"We are still crunching the calculators," Kent said.

The concert was thrown into doubt last week when Suffolk County denied the promoter a mass gathering permit, citing a lack of adequate police protection. Two weeks ago, the Suffolk County police declined to participate in the event, citing a concern over the concert traffic plan and a lack of time for the county attorney to sign a contract with the town.

Since then, town officials and the event promoter scrambled to convince other law enforcement agencies to provide the approximately 200 additional officers need to control traffic and the expected crowd of 50,000.

Last night, facing a possible court injunction filed by Suffolk County, the town board voted to table a resolution on their own special events permit, effectively denying the application since another meeting is not scheduled for this week.

This morning, Kozakiewicz and other town board members blamed Suffolk County for the event's failure, saying the county police departmentn's failure to participate effectively killed the concert. "I really don't know what the politics were, but yes, I do think politics did play a role," Kozakiewicz said.

County officials have said Riverhead Town and the promoter approached the county too late to adequately plan the event.

In a letter sent Tuesday to Robert Maimoni, a county health official, Lt. Col. James Schepperly of the state police explained that "our experience has been that several months lead-time is minimally necessary to develop comprehensive concert plans." The state police were first approached in March, a town official said.

A lack of adequate law enforcement was the reason the Suffolk County health department denied a mass gathering permit for the concert last week. Two weeks ago, Suffolk County police declined to participate, citing concerns about the promoter's traffic plan and a lack of time for the county attorney to sign a deal with Riverhead town.

The Field Day concert was to occur at the former Grumman property, on part of the 2,900 acres of town-owned land that has been targeted for economic development. The town had hoped that this rock festival and another scheduled for August would put Riverhead on the map and lure future clients to the site.

Ashley Capps, one of the promoters of Bonnaroo NE, the August festival slated to last three days and feature acts including Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and The Dead, said he was keeping an eye on the Field Day developments but wasn't concerned about the impact it would have on his own event. "We've been going through our own process in our own way, and we feel like we've been working very hard to dot the i's and cross the t's," he said. "These are two very separate events."
Copyright © 2003, Newsday, Inc
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Field Day is CANCELLED [04 Jun 2003|01:53pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Well, it's moved, but it ain't no field!! It's officially at Giants Stadium


Field Day Music Festival: Radiohead, Beastie Boys
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
Sat, Jun 07, 2003�12:00pm
Price�|�seating chart

Ticket Limit
There is a 10 ticket limit per person.
To avoid long will-call lines, please use Ticketfast as your delivery method.

Please adhere to published ticket limits. Orders exceeding the ticket limit will be canceled without notice. This includes duplicate orders having the same name, billing address or credit card.
Internet Onsale Info
Onsale to General Public:
Wed, 06/04/03, 5:00pm

Will-call orders may be picked up on Friday June 6 from 12pm-6pm at the Continental Arena Box Office. Will-call orders may be picked up on Saturday at Giants Stadium beginning at 10am.
To avoid long will-call lines, please use Ticketfast as your delivery method.
Tickets from the Enterprise Park shows in Calverton will not be honored for entry to this event.


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field day organizers have only three days to find new venue [03 Jun 2003|08:49pm]

Organizers are scrambling to find a last-minute alternate venue for the Field Day Music Festival, with Giants Stadium the most likely possibility, according to sources close to the event.

Promoters could not obtain a permit for their original site, in Suffolk County, New York, because they couldn't supply the additional 200 law enforcement officers that county officials deemed necessary to patrol this weekend's two-day festival, slated to feature the Beastie Boys, Radiohead, the Roots, N.E.R.D. and Beck (see "Beasties, Radiohead Need A Few Good Men To Police Their Show").

The town of Riverhead was willing to provide around 75 police officers and expected to get additional help from Suffolk County and possibly the state, but when it became clear that neither would be pitching in, the Suffolk County health commissioner announced that he would not provide a permit. Last week organizers vowed to fight on in the face of that decision, but now they're looking for another venue to house the festival, which is expected to draw 50,000 people.

"The access to the proposed site is on a rural road and there would have been a significant number of police required to address traffic control issues," said county attorney Derrick Robinson, who added that the county wanted to avoid the type of situation that occurred at Bonnaroo outside of Memphis, where there was a 16-mile backup on the highway. "Can you imagine a 16-mile backup on the Long Island Expressway on the weekend with people going up to the Hamptons?"

An attorney for Field Day promoter Andrew Dreskin said the county's demands were excessive and geared toward making sure the event wouldn't happen. Dreskin earlier said that if the county derailed the show, he had "a fleet of attorneys chomping at the bit to sue."

--- http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1472258/20030603/radiohead.jhtml?headlines=true
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done? [03 Jun 2003|06:33pm]

This is from http://fielddayfest.proboards18.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&num=1054674821


Hello Artists and Group Camp Captains.

By now some of you may have heard the bad news. Field Day Music Festival will not be permitted to take place in Riverhead, Long Island. I can understand your disappointment. We here on site have been working well over 12 hour days for many weeks now. My excitement seemed to be mounting as I watched the stage take shape and the camps become a reality on the ground.

We are now looking at our options.


Field Day Music Festival.
Group Camps & Arts Manager
cell - 917 660 6411
office - 212 741 2281
59 West 19 Street
Suite 6B
NY NY 10011
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dammit [03 Jun 2003|05:16pm]

State Police Won't Help at Concert

By Katie Thomas
Staff Writer

June 3, 2003, 4:30 PM EDT

In one more defeat for promoters of a two-day rock concert scheduled for this weekend in Calverton, the New York State Police have informed the Suffolk County health department that it will not send troopers to help control crowds and traffic.

In a letter today to Robert Maimoni, a county health official, Lt. Col. James Schepperly of the state police said, "Our experience has been that several months' lead time is minimally necessary to develop comprehensive concert plans."

Riverhead Town's chief of police has said he would need about 200 extra officers to help his tiny force control the crowd of 50,000 expected over Saturday and Sunday. A lack of adequate law enforcement was the reason the Suffolk County health department denied a mass gathering permit for the concert last week. Two weeks ago, Suffolk County police declined to participate, citing concerns about the promoter's traffic plan and a lack of time to sign a deal with Riverhead town.

Bruce Williamson, chief of the health department's bureau of public health protection, said today the county was unlikely to reverse its decision on the permit. "I don't see anything that would provide a basis to change the decision," he said. "And the timing now is -- you know, the event is almost upon us."

The gates to the concert, which was to feature headliners such as the Beastie Boys and Radiohead, were scheduled to open at 3 p.m. Friday.

Gary Lewi, a spokesman for concert promoter Andrew Dreskin, said the news doesn't necessarily cancel the concert. "There are any number of different options that are available to us," he said, but declined to be more specific. Several other local law enforcement agencies have declined to help, citing either a lack of time or personnel.

The Riverhead Town Board is scheduled to vote tonight on whether to approve their own special events permit. Town officials declined to comment today, but yesterday Supervisor Robert Kozakiewicz said he would be hesitant to approve the permit if no law enforcement agencies had volunteered to help by the time the meeting starts at 7 p.m.

Meanwhile, the Suffolk County police and health departments have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow morning to discuss the Field Day concert.

Copyright © 2003, Newsday, Inc.
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