Make (neverguessed) wrote in fieldday,

Place Blame

This is the fault of Andrew Derskin and other horrible promoteres/organizers. As of a couple of weeks ago they have been more then ripping people off. As for radiohead, they are making swamp loads of money right now, their new album will make them mo' heavy in the bank, but they are basically inflexable when it comes for financel consideration for their fans.

BTW the 2 dollar show was over sold. I'm really upset with it.

Don't blame the repulicans, the probably have nothing to do with this. Even if they did, this is something the FDF organizers and promoters should have had worked out before they began to sell tickets.

Eitherway, now the show will just be easier to sneak into, their planning on haveing one stage in the parkiing lot, and one inside, the show is tomorrow and they still don't know exactly how it'll be organized. If you didn't by a ticket its all good, if you bought A ticket and want to bring some friends, go ahead, if you need a reason to visit New York City, use this. If anything this will be an exciting event to spice up.
No stupid shit though.

If you want to camp out there are plenty of parks in NYC, eitherway, if you paid for tickets, don't let them fuck you over even more. Get your money back.

Anderw Derskin is a fucking asshole.

Blackalicious is playing free in Prospect park next weekend.

Lets push things forward.
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